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About Us


Healthy Treats by Mrs Rees was born in 2011 from a love of good, wholesome food.

Our products have come from a passion for creating treats that people will enjoy without containing refined sugar. They also cater for a variety of dietary sensitivities and are good for the body, without compromising on taste. We believe that everyone deserves a special treat every now and then!

It turns out that you do too, because within just a few short years we have expanded to supply over 40 retail outlets and cafes and make over 20 different products including a range of gluten free biscuits, cakes and raw chocolate.

There are a number of principles we won’t compromise on:

  • We run a gluten-free kitchen
  • We use only unrefined, natural sugars
  • We will only use free-range eggs
  • We use Tasmanian ingredients wherever possible and are committed to minimising food mileage
  • We use organic ingredients wherever possible
  • We are inclusive – we cater for gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, vegan, and paleo lifestyles
  • We believe in looking after our health and the health of the planet
  • We believe in hand-made products and will always opt for employing a person rather than buying a machine

We hope you find something delicious for yourself in our online shop. You are always welcome to send feedback to us – we will get back to you as soon as we can.